10 Instagram Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Last updated on: September 19, 2019
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As a female entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard people say that social media is very crucial for any business irrespective of your company’s niche or industry. If you take a closer look, you would realize that most of your competitors are on social media; hence, there’s certainly no excuse for your company not to be on at least one of these platforms.

There is no doubt that the increasing number of SM platforms could make you feel a bit overwhelmed but, for the purpose of this blog post, we will be concentrating on one visual sharing platform that has got almost everyone including big brands raving about it, and that is Instagram. This fantastic photo sharing platform has the unique power of making people glued to your phone screen plus, with the continual increase in its user base, there’s a massive potential that your clients are on Instagram.

Hence, if you are looking to grow your business exposure or connect with potential clients, then your business deserves to be on Instagram – No excuses! So, did you know that Instagram has approximately 25 million business accounts and 80% of the users are following at least one business account? Well, it has been surveyed that Instagram is the best when it comes to engaging your consumers and this is one reason why you should get your business on this platform.

Now, the question is – how can you improve your business and personal Instagram account? There’s one answer for this, and that is by using amazing Instagram contents for your account. Nevertheless, in this blog post, we will tell you what works for the gram! We will cover Instagram feed ideas, caption ideas, a hashtag for likes, Instagram Videos and more to let your charisma sparkle all over your social media profile. Here are the things you can start now.

First things first

You need to understand what kind of a non-verbal statement you want to give out to the world. Do you want to look more appealing, humorous, serious, bold or elegant? There are many combinations of adjectives that you could use to define your profile. So, it’s essential you figure that out first.

Once you are done with what you really want to portray to the world, you would be able to navigate the quality and type of content that would be ideal for your account. This is necessary because it could help you find popular Instagram Hashtags that could increase your profile visibility.

More human less business

There is no doubt that your business would be one of the contributing factors to your success. However, your personality is the more significant part behind the drive. People would need to see a lot more of that humanistic side of a leader than just a glittering success graph.

Hence, it is crucial to incorporate certain Instagram posts that show how much of a human you are in your daily life just as any other person. This would mean sharing stories of your team, what your business will be doing on a particular day, how you’re trying to make a difference and perhaps when you even face difficult times in your business. Just put - something that ordinary people with extraordinary vision can relate to.

Share your Story

What is the mission behind your business? What made you take that leap to start your business? Do you have any specific story that inspired you to tread on your journey? If you do, then it is time for you to use your story and connect with your audience. To support your story, you can post #Instagram throwback pictures of your early business days with something interesting to tell.

Share your vision, and most of all share your willingness to connect with the world.

You might wonder why this is important. Well, people love to have their attention validated. So, if they are following you, they need to know that you value their time and attention. Hence, it is necessary to keep your vision statement more inclusive of the world in your Instagram feed content.

Post relatable and humorous content

This could be memes, this could be videos that you find funny, this could be anything. Just make sure you cross check that it doesn’t particularly offend certain people’s belief, race, gender, and other nuances. It is essential to use your discretion when you want to go humorous.

Humor, especially self-deprecating ones, shows that you value making your followers laugh and have a great time on your profile. This would dispel any unpleasant air. It makes you look more approachable, human and in turn, trustable.

Share quotes that resonate with you

Since you are in the position of a leader or an influence, people would like to know what motivates you. Many people would love to know what drives you so that they can find inspiration in your hustle. So, feel free to share quotes that resonate with you and your brand. Perhaps, if your two cents can profit the lives of your followers, then why not share those amazing quotes of yours? By doing this, you might find out that a single quote could throw your business into the spotlight; thus, bringing maximum reach for your business.

Using the right social media tactics

Here, we are talking about using specific tactics like the Instagram Hashtags which has the incredible power to make your profile visible to millions of people. Popular hashtags change every week and sometimes every day. Hence, what might be popular today could be a thing of the past by the next day. Due to this, you would need to keep track of the trending Instagram hashtags. Try searching for popular Instagram hashtags for the day and incorporate them into your caption. This will boost your reach to your targeted audience. You could also use the Instagram boost post feature to promote your feed for a little fee. This can also help you get more followers and potential clients.

Videos. Videos. Videos.

Another great thing you could do for your Instagram account is to post mini videos of a day in your life to let people know how you run your world and what it looks like on the backend. It doesn’t have to be well edited nor posh. It can be an honest, non-flashy way of showing where it all began and how your regular day looks like. This could help boost your profile as videos get a significant reach on the platform.

Through your videos, you can also show some gratitude to your audience and supporters for encouraging your vision. This would also count as a day in your life. However, it is important to not go overboard with this, or it could be termed forced and fake. Keep it simple and genuine!

Post answers to queries

As a female entrepreneur, you will be getting a lot of direct messages on your profile from many people especially females. They might want to know certain things about your business or your industry. Therefore, replying the questions of your followers could help keep your profile active and engaging. Thus, this is the best time to make a post answering their queries.

You can segregate the questions and make a nice small clip or exciting series of posts. This should answer what they are looking for without beating around the bush. You can do it once or twice a week.

Encourage women in different aspects

Having a personal or business account doesn’t mean you have to blabber about your life. It can come off as a narcissist. However, if you want to inspire women, then encourage them. You can congratulate and appreciate various women entrepreneurs in the industry and the ones you admire. You can also lend your voice on women-centric issues that are often ignored. You could do this by giving a fresh perspective on the topics that might have been previously discussed. Hence, if your voice is going to help or encourage thousands of voiceless women, then it is a good idea to speak up. So, feel free to lend your voice whenever it’s needed.

This is it.

If you’ve read this post to this section, then we’re excited to know that you are truly serious about pushing your brand forward.

We want you to know that if you use your social media the right way, you will definitely increase your reach. So, make sure you use those Instagram hashtags, Instagram theme ideas and caption ideas right. It should reflect on both your personal and corporate branding.

While it is encouraged to have a separate business account, it is important to know that your personal Instagram account should not look like you’re basically just trying to sell your services or products. Instead, create a relatable persona. This would, in turn, help your business as well. Always remember that your goal is to connect with your audience and perhaps, create more inspiration for female entrepreneurs through your life. So, it should be as genuine as you can get.

Most importantly, don’t forget to experiment with your Instagram account to see what works best for your business.

Happy Instagramming!

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