Instagram Something Went Wrong Error (EASY Fix)

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Have you ever tried to use Instagram’s features and all of a sudden, the following message appears: “Sorry, something went wrong creating your account. Please try again soon?”

This is a problem that haunts Instagram users since the massive standardization of the Instagram app.

It happens due to a wide variety of reasons, but the important thing here is learning how to fix it.

Fortunately, we know exactly what to do if this happens to you, so read more to get precise insights into these topics:

  • What Does “Instagram Something Went Wrong” Error mean?;
  • How to fix Instagram Something Went wrong on your device;
  • What to do if this Instagram bug persists?

What Does “Instagram Something Went Wrong” Error Mean? 3 Common Reasons

The Instagram: Something Went Wrong error appears when users are trying to create new Instagram accounts, edit profile, change their actual username or upload new content to the platform.

This means that the platform can’t simply process your request and respond with the Something Went Wrong message.

Among the main causes for this error, we have the following.

1. Bugged Instagram App

Perhaps there’s just a system glitch that corrects after a few minutes.

Instagram can be a little buggy, and even the web version of the platform can face inconveniences.

That’s why we recommend you check the Instagram website on web browsers, such as Google Chrome or Safari mobile browser, to check whether this issue happens on the web version as well.

2. Instagram Servers Are Down

Instagram servers are not perfect, and the incredibly high amount of users logging in and out every day can simply crash the app.

If other Instagram pages are not loading, then the platform is indeed facing temporary account difficulties.

Many Instagram users are most likely facing this problem as well, so the smartest thing to do here is to wait.

3. Internet Connection Problems

Users that have experienced this same error often have problems with network connection poor connectivity.

Having a faulty Internet connection causes several error messages on the app, such as Instagram Reels not working.

Therefore, it is imperative to confirm network connections are working before you lose your head over this bug.

How to Fix Instagram Error Something Went Wrong

The causes for this error are pretty clear, so the solutions are straightforward as well.

Thus, if you want to fix the Sorry Something Went Wrong Instagram Error, then follow these fixes one by one, and you will be good to use Instagram in no time.

Fix 1: Check for Instagram Updates

Are you sure that the Instagram app is fully updated? Using the latest version of the app will ensure that your Instagram profile runs smoothly and without bugs such as this one.

Users of Android devices need to go to the Google Play Store, search for the Instagram application, tap on it, and select the latest version to download it.

In the same order of ideas, if you have an iOS mobile device, go to the Apple App Store, select Instagram, and update the app’s data as soon as you have a chance.

Fix 2: Check Your Network Connection

If your Wi-Fi is not working, make sure to go to the wireless and connection tab and enable cellular data instead.

Sometimes, cellular data works way better than Wi-Fi.

Either way, if you restart Wi-Fi on settings and the network indicator on your phone’s screen says that your connection is still not working, then the best course of action here would be to directly contact your Internet service provider so they can just fix this problem.

Fix 3: Wait for Instagram Server to Restore

If Instagram servers are down, then there’s nothing that you can do other than wait for them to be restored by the Instagram team.

You can check Instagram server status on websites such as DownDetector.

All in all, you won’t be able to use any Instagram feature while the servers are down, and sadly there’s nothing you can do about it.

Fix 4: Clear Instagram Cache

Clearing the Instagram app’s cache files is sometimes necessary for it to work smoothly.

The Instagram app accumulates temporary data that prevents you from using all features as you should.

Therefore, in order to clear Instagram cache, just follow these steps:

  1. Tap the settings icon on your phone to go to the Settings App;
  2. Look for the Apps Tab and tap on it;
  3. Here, search for Instagram, and select it;
  4. Once you select the app, simply tap on Clear Cache.

After clearing cache, see if the error message disappeared. If not, proceed with the following fix.

Fix 5: Connect Facebook to Instagram Account

We all remember the day Facebook bought Instagram - well, since then, Instagram can connect to your Facebook profile just using your account credentials.

Some users have fixed this error by doing so, so it is worth trying it:

  1. Open Instagram and go to the main login page;
  2. Here, select the Log In with Facebook option;
  3. You will be redirected to the Facebook app - type in your profile page information and proceed
  4. The Instagram app will automatically link your Instagram account to Facebook and log you through it. Now, the Something Went Wrong message should be gone.

Fix 6: Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

If you temporarily disable your Instagram account, all the problems related to it should disappear. Nonetheless, this must be used as a last resort alternative.

  1. Open Instagram and go to Settings;
  2. Scroll down to the Account tab, and click “Temporarily disable account;”
  3. Delete and re-install Instagram app just to be sure;
  4. When you disable your account temporarily, you can activate it by logging back into it;
  5. Log back to Instagram, and check if the Something Went Wrong error disappeared.

Fix 7: Contact Instagram Support

Last but not least, if nothing helps you to get rid of this annoying error, then you need to go to the Instagram Help Center and contact them.

Explain your case when you contact Instagram as clearly as possible and wait for an answer.

At this point, there might be something wrong with your account that can only be solved by support.

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Does Using Instagram for Windows Fix Something Went Wrong Error Message?

Some users say that using the Instagram Windows app has solved the Something Went Wrong message, but this implies that you need to use this app instead of the mobile version. You can find the Windows app on the Microsoft Store website by clicking here.

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