Getting Instagram Couldn’t Load Activity Error? Here’s Fix

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Since Facebook bought Instagram for one billion dollars back in 2012, Instagram has slowly turned into one of the most popular social media apps out there.

As of today, the Facebook investment has paid off.

Instagram has beaten Twitter and other apps in the popularity department with over 1 billion users.

However, not everything is perfect for this Facebook-sponsored app.

Most Instagram users will have to deal with glitches and bugs from time to time.

One of the most common ones is the Activity Tab not loading properly.

The Activity section shows you your most recent comments, followers, and likes.

If you want to see your activity feed once more, here’s what you need to learn:

  • Reasons why Instagram couldn’t load activity
  • Fixing the couldn’t load activity Instagram app error

Reasons Why Instagram Couldn’t Load Activity

The “Instagram Couldn’t load activity” (or couldn’t refresh feed) error message happens whenever the app is unable to connect to the server properly.

It might be happening due to any of these reasons:

Corrupted Data On Your Device

Instagram works with local data and online information.

Sometimes a bug in the cache may cause some features like Instagram stories, direct messages, and your activity feed not to load correctly.

Restart your phone to fix the problem.

Also Read: Don’t confuse the activity feed with the refresh feed problem. The latter one refers to Instagram not loading the homepage after logging.

There is no need to search for that guide. Just click our link to learn the bug fixes.

You Used Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps with follower services aren’t allowed by Instagram. You’ll need to uninstall those apps to fix the problem.

As a rule of thumb, avoid using other apps to gain more followers or likes.

Poor Internet Connection

Users with a poor connection may be unable to post or load their personal activity feed on the app. Most problems are fixed by restarting your Wi-Fi.

Your Account Was Flagged For Spam

If you post spam links or are tagged in other users’ spam posts, your Instagram account will be flagged for it.

As a result, your account actions will be limited.

Fixing The “Couldn’t Load Activity” Instagram App Error

Now that you know what causes those Instagram bugs, you can try to fix the problem.

These methods will work for iPhone and Android users alike.

We do recommend you try every fix in order, as you are more likely to succeed that way.

Here’s how you can fix your Instagram activity feed:

Switch Your Instagram Account Type

Switching from a personal account to a professional account can fix the problem.

This might work due to Instagram prioritizing professional account actions over normal ones.

You can check and change your account type on any device like a phone or tablet by accessing your settings.

A pro account can do more than a regular account.

The only difference is that a professional account may be unable to use the music sticker due to copyright claims.

Create New Instagram Users

If your account was flagged as spam, the only way to fix Instagram notifications is to create a second account.

There is no telling for how long the report might last. A report works like a shadowban.

You’ll still see photos, videos, and stories as usual, but others won’t see your content.

After creating a second account, try to log back into your account a couple times a month.

Otherwise, Instagram might delete your account without a previous notice.

If that’s the case, you’ll see the user not found error message.

Reset Your Password And Log Again

You reset your password by accessing the settings on the app. It will ask you to re-log back again.

We have no real answer as to why this may work.

We suspect that the app detected a fraudulent log attempt from an unknown source.

As a result, you may see the “Try Again Later” error when you attempt to sign back in.

Nevertheless, we hope that you are able to log back into the platform.

Note: If you can’t log back and get the “Challenge Required” Instagram message, there is another issue with Instagram.

This means that the app detected something wrong with your connection.

Uninstall And Reinstall Instagram

If there is any corrupted information on the app, and a simple phone restart didn’t fix Instagram, deleting and reinstalling it might do the trick.

First, delete the app and then restart your smartphone.

Once that is done, go to the Google Play Store or the App Store, search for the app and download it.

Make sure you have enough phone storage or iPhone storage on your device.

Contact Instagram Support

Still no luck? Then you’ll need to create a support ticket explaining the issue to the support team.

Ironically, an easy way to contact them is through their Twitter account.

You can also contact the support team from their official support help center.

Lastly, there is an in-app feature to write to them.

Instagram Couldn’t Load Activity FAQ

How Do I Get My Activity Feed Back On Instagram?

The easiest and most secure method is to reinstall the app. Search for it on the app store and reinstall it.

That should fix any issue you encounter. While it takes some time, it will always be effective.

Why Is Your Instagram Feed Gone?

If Instagram can’t load your feed on your device, you might need to reinstall the app, reset your password or restart your router. Any of those methods can fix the problem.

But if you were shadowbanned, you’ll need to contact the support team directly and make an appeal.

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