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Last updated on: November 10, 2019
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Be Unique! But… it’s good to follow the trend sometimes.

It takes just an idea to start an e-commerce business. Just identify your sweet spot, gather your courage, and you’re all set to step-in! This is how an e-commerce startup is born.

While starting a business is easy, taking it to the next level and making it capable enough to sustain the cutting-edge competition is challenging.

When talking about e-commerce startups, Shopify marketing needs no introduction – an Online Shopping Revolution that has changed the face of this industry. From presenting the products uniquely to offering the most convenient, user-friendly shopping experience - Shopify stores have become the talk of the town in no time.

The fact that over 800,000 merchants running their Shopify Stores successfully (as of September 2019) is evident enough to support all that has been just said.

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Shopify E-Commerce Revolution: A Flashback

Just like any other ordinary startup, Tobias Lutke founded Shopify in 2004. An unsatisfied customer himself, annoyed with the options available to create e-commerce portals, Lutke developed his own platform. The idea was simple: to make e-commerce easier for everyone. Within a short span of 2 years, this platform garnered immense popularity globally. From a team of few friends, the company grew to 2000 employees and five offices worldwide.

Today, more than 800,000 e-stores are powered by Shopify, and the company boasts over $30 billion in terms of sales.

Over the years, Shopify has grown. Constant additions in the tools and flexibilities have made Shopify a smart way of running online stores. To keep the basic idea unchanged, Lutke keeps on brushing up this omnichannel experience for its users by adding more features to the platform. Undoubtedly, Shopify has made the lives of startups easier by offering them an affordable, fast, and convenient way to run their online store.

The amazing part?

It has also provided them the way to overpower their biggest challenge which is sustaining and growing their e-commerce startup in the cut-throat competition.


Through the new ‘MORE’ which is the amazing Instagram Marketing Integration for Shopify stores! Now, let’s head over to the main topic!

Shopify Marketing on Instagram – An Ideal Way to Grow your Store Sales

Businesses these days cannot overlook the importance of social media marketing, especially when channels like Instagram offers 5 times more audience exposure (with over 1 billion users).

Instagram Marketing for Shopify allows e-commerce businesses to showcase their products more creatively and engagingly, that too, to a broader audience.

In short, Instagram marketing for Shopify is the need of the hour. It quickly catches the eyes of even the busiest people in a wink.

To understand better, let’s look at the journey of MVMT Watches.

Have you ever heard about MVMT Watches?

Well, it is a Los Angeles based watch company that sells Quartz Watches on lower prices. To achieve a $100 million acquisition, MVMT followed a mix of organic and paid Shopify Instagram marketing strategies.

To increase their customer acquisition and sales, they created a MVMT Watches business account on Instagram and integrated it with their Shopify store for improved product promotion. They succeeded by following effective Instagram marketing strategies like product tagging in posts and stories.

As a result of this, they are now able to drive their sales directly to their Shopify store through Instagram marketing and have now over 1 Million Instagram followers and 100k+ posts on Instagram under the hashtag #mvmt.

Why Your Shopify Store Should Be on Instagram

You might wonder – why should my Shopify store be on Instagram? Well, it is simply, to be as successful and popular as MVMT and many other e-commerce giants!

Not convinced? Then check out these exact reasons that could make you change your mind.

  1. Over 500 million image-hungry users browse Instagram each day. 1
  2. 60% of the total Instagram users look for and discover new products on Instagram.2
  3. 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business for their products. 3
  4. More than 15 million businesses are already benefiting from Instagram. 4
  5. Over 71% of US businesses use Instagram for product promotion and sales. 5

More reasons why you should take your e-commerce store to Instagram includes:

  • Improved product promotion through real-time images and videos, hashtags, location tagging, customer reviews, and feedback.
  • Increased customer engagement.
  • Improved customer relationship and retention through various campaigns and offers.
  • Direct sales on Shopify store through Instagram marketing.

In short, Instagram marketing for Shopify is the need of the hour. It quickly catches the eyes of even the busiest people in a wink. Also, it is a great option to make people shop easily most especially those who are fond of shopping but are too lazy to browse through the entire product list. Hence, Shopify Instagram Marketing is the most efficient option to conquer all types of audiences without much effort.

How to Market Your Shopify Store on Instagram

Hopefully, by now, you already understand why it is essential for your Shopify store to be on Instagram.

Now, the next question that might have immediately popped up in your mind would be - “How to Promote Shopify Store on Instagram?”

So, here we go:

Step 1: Install a Facebook Channel in your Shopify Store

The first step you need to do is add all your products to Facebook using Shopify. The products you add to Facebook will be available for tagging in your Instagram stories and feeds.

Step 2: Create a Business Instagram Profile

Next, create a business profile on Instagram for your Shopify store. Simply fill up the signup form and select “Switch to Business Profile” from the drop-down in the Settings menu. An Instagram business profile helps you sell any product that complies with the Instagram merchant policy.

Note: Your business profile will undergo a review process by the Instagram team that might take 2-3 days for approval.

Step 3: Turn on Instagram Shopify and set your products on sale

Once your Instagram Business Profile is approved and activated, you need to turn on the Shopping feature to tag images and receive orders. Here are the quick-to-go steps:

Profile Settings -> “Shopping” -> Continue

Now, link your Facebook products list with your Instagram business profile and boom! You’re ready to sell your products.

Step 4: Add Products to your Instagram Posts

When using Instagram for selling your products, add good quality images that are captivating. Upload images of the product you want to sell with an engaging and action-provoking caption.

Do not forget to tag products with Shopify links. Make sure to use the same name in the image as that in the Facebook Product Name. Share the image, and you’re all set to take the orders.

Step 5: Create Instagram Sell Stories

Another way to showcase your product on Instagram is to create product stories and give brief information about it. Instagram stories will disappear automatically after 24 hours. These are the necessary steps to help you get your Shopify store on Instagram and running it in no time.

More Tips to Help Promote Your Shopify Products on Instagram

As a startup business, you must be cautious of whatever you do. Following the trend is not as easy as it seems. You need to act uniquely to stand ahead of those who are already ruling. Nevertheless, just follow these tips to make your Instagram Marketing for your Shopify store effective:

  • Post-high-quality product photos to make a significant impact on your customers and ultimately, on your sales.
  • Add “life” to your product. In other words, showcase your product in action to help your followers visualize - making their shopping more comfortable.
  • Educate and entertain your audience through Instagram stories.
  • Create user-generated content. For example - post images of the customers who have already bought your product. You can also share your feedbacks or reviews either in the caption or in the form of video clips. This would help build the trust of your new customers.


A Few Tools as Helping Hands

To get the most out of your Instagram Shopify Marketing Strategy, use these tools in your Product promotion regime:

Product Tags in Posts: Just like you tag other users in your posts, product tags allow you to tag your products. This makes it easier for the shopper to shop your catalog of products quickly just by clicking on your tags.

Shop Tab on your Business Profile: With this, visitors on your profile can find all the products you’ve tagged in your Instagram posts.

Product Stickers in Stories: This tool allows E-commerce brands to tag specific products in their Instagram stories.

Swipe-up Links in Stories: These help in driving traffic to specific landing pages directly from Stories. You can add swipe-up links to your stories only if your business Instagram account has more than 10,000 followers.

Shopify Instagram Marketing: The Takeaway

Whether you’re an individual trying to sell your products online or an e-commerce startup making use of Shopify, it is essential to know that Instagram Shopify Marketing is something you must not overlook. Just be creative and look for inspiration around and you’d see the results in a short span.

Start promoting your Shopify products on Instagram and we’d be happy to hear and share your success story with our readers.

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