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Last updated on: November 9, 2019
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Did you know that being a social media influencer is a real job?

Maybe the baby boomers and our parent’s generation might not perceive it to be a job, but if you show them the businesses and statistics it influences, then, they might think otherwise.

No, it is not narcissist to be a social media influencer. You become a social media influencer when people resonate with your views and opinions. When various people can trust your judgment and believe that it is coming from a genuine place, you gain loyalty.

That is precisely the point of being a social media influencer. However, getting far in the social media influencing space is definitely not a bed of roses. You will need some calculated risk, some great content, and even a greater reach to get you far. Now, what you most importantly need is oodles of confidence and a plan.

We will help you understand what you are getting into and how to become popular on social media. Grab a notepad and pen and read on!

Choose your platform

There are various social media platforms today. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so much more. Hence, with so many social media platforms out there, it is crucial to decide on which platform is ideal for you. Would you want to become Instagram famous? How about Facebook or perhaps Twitter? You can use your witty one-liners under 140 words on Twitter to gain momentum. Tweets get noticed a lot as well as Instagram posts.

Your first step should be to make a list of social media platforms that you could use to get started. It is important to choose a platform that aligns with your goals to enable you to ensure that whatever platform you choose is perfect for you. We are here to help you make a lasting impression as a social media influencer! This leads us to our next point.

Choose a niche

You must have heard so many people say that having a niche is essential. There is no doubt that if you want to become a successful social media influencer, then it is ideal for you to pick a niche. So, are you an excellent baker? Do you know the secret to Hogwarts? How about analyzing movies into philosophical bits? You just pick your niche and play with it! You can dwell more and think about what you can create with your interest and show it to the world!

So, if you have some talent, knowledge or creative inputs that the world can benefit from, then cash on that! This is how you grow a more genuine base of followers and build a brand of your own.

Invest in good social media branding

Now that you have pondered about your niche, you need to focus on the aesthetics. If you are a photographer, then you would need to use your skills to reflect your passion. If you are into video making, then you’d need to invest your time into creating videos that’ll attract your target audience. Just put- whatever you decide to do, ensure you do it well.

Also, it is essential to pay attention to how you introduce yourself to the consumers of your media. This introduction includes your bio, cover picture, display picture, and so on. Think about the theme of your aesthetic. Are you going to make it bold, serene, overly enthusiastic, or a combination of all? It is important to figure this out to ensure you pick the branding that represents you perfectly.

Get a headstart with a growth agency

The begginings can be dauting and slow. A way to speed things up is help of legitimate social media growth agency. They specialize in marketing on social media and can help you boost your numbers, building up social proof and authority in your niche. This way, it will be easier for you to close the deals with brands and get above the noise.

Consider having various socialm media profiles

There are various platforms you could use to become a Social Media Influencer; however; Instagram tends to work the best when it comes to becoming a social media influencer. Irrespective of whichever platform you choose, it is also essential to have other social media profiles such as a Twitter account, an official Facebook page and so on. This will help you expand your influence on various social media platforms. Also, if people like your content on a particular social media platform, they could consider following your other social media accounts as well. Hence, this is a great way to expand your reach.

Your profile should have its own voice

It doesn’t matter if you only post pictures or you focus on posting just videos. What is most important is to have your own voice. Your profile should have a voice that resonates with you. It should be a reflection of who you are and what you do. By having your own voice, it allows people to connect with you quickly.

Feel free to share your stories, heartfelt moments, and your hustle. Try to be genuine as possible without unnecessarily being offensive. Strike that cord, and you will be gaining success in no time.

Choose the right keywords

Now, we come to the part where it is time to increase your social media reach. There is no doubt that no matter the niche you pick, you’ll definitely have other people in that niche hence, creating a competitive space. However, this shouldn’t be a problem for you if you can decide on your Unique Selling Point. Just put - what makes you different?

By identifying your unique selling point, it allows you to focus on using the right keywords. It is recommended that your post should have at least 7-10 relevant hashtags to reach your target audience. This is what all young social media influencers do to keep up the hype on each of their posts. This simply means utilizing hashtags and using the right social media tools to get the necessary reach. Read up our instagram hashtags guide to stay at the top of the algorithm!

Post regularly

If you want to grow your influencer brand, then you have to post regularly. You need to keep posting new and engaging contents every week. Your content should be highly appealing to the eye. If you want to grow your band quickly, then, it is important to have a Social Media Content schedule that helps keep you on track. You should also know which time of the day is the most favorable for your posts. If most people would be active at a specific hour, you will have more reach when you post your content at that time. You can choose to post daily or weekly. You can also schedule your social media posts so that your content gets posted no matter where you are stuck.

Interact with your followers

Another critical aspect of how to be a social media influencer is how you interact with your followers. Do you follow them back? Do you respond to their queries on the comment section or do you prefer making a separate post where you answer their questions? This will validate your follower’s attention. It is vital to know that people wouldn’t want to follow a social celebrity without getting their appreciation acknowledged. Don’t forget to show gratitude regularly and thank your followers for supporting you in your journey. This is essential to help your followers know that you value them.

Accept brands that you can trust

When you start to gain influence, you will be approached by various brands. Always remember that your reputation comes before corporate branding. If you want to have a genuine following, you need to select brands that are genuine as well. Do not go for the bling, go for the pride. Hence, it is crucial to research the brand, know more about their product, and figure out if it resonates with your personal brand. This way, you wouldn’t be misleading your loyal followers.

Offer free giveaways

Offering free giveaways is not a new technique. Many companies have been offering free Instagram giveaways for promotion. You can also choose to provide free giveaways to your followers.

Decide what you are going to giveaway as well as the criteria on how you choose the winners of the giveaway. Apart from creating interesting contents, this is another right way to engage your audience.

As you become more popular, you can consider creating your own merchandise to promote your brand further. This will enable you to earn more, and you can, in turn, give back to the people that support you. This is a positive chain of self-promotion and giving love back to your followers.

Your move now!

Now, it is time for you to decide on what you intend to achieve with becoming a social media influencer. Always remember that it might start a little slow, but if you’re consistent, then, you can definitely grow your brand to thousands and millions of followers. Do not forget to strategize your social media content and expand your influence. Lastly, you will have to show some patience and have the determination to make it to the top. It is never a crowd so don’t fret about being one of the faces. Venture with confidence, enthusiasm, and planning, and you should be at the top in no time!

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