How Does Snapchat Know You’re Sleeping

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Have you ever gone to sleep after a long day of using the Snapchat app, and then, the other days, your friends tell you that they knew exactly when you fall asleep, thanks to Snapchat?

It might also happen that you check your Snapchat Map Feature at night, and there you see other users with their bitmojis in bedtime mode.

Well, as scary or unrealistic as this might sound, Snapchat can figure out when a person goes to sleep, and it shows it on the actionmoji inside the app.

But how does Snapchat do this? Do they have a microchip that tells them when you are in a very sleepy state?

Well, not exactly.

This article will provide you with the answer to one of the most important Snapchat mysteries:

  • How does Snapchat know you’re sleeping?;
  • Understanding how Snapchat decides you fall asleep;
  • Things to know about Snap Maps bitmojis and features.

Does Snapchat Really Know You Are Sleeping?

In a way, it does, but not exactly. Let us elaborate: Snapchat determines when you are sleeping based on phone usage.

When you log in to the Snapchat app, and see someone’s bitmoji sleeping on the new Snap Map, then they are indeed probably asleep.

But this isn’t always the case - it’s more like they are idle in their house, and the apps decide that they are sleeping.

What Happens When Snap Map Bitmoji Falls Asleep?

The sleeping bitmoji means that you or the user you are looking up on your Snap Map is actually sleeping.

Seemingly, Snapchat identifies idle behaviors to determine whether someone is sleeping or not.

Snapchat does keep track of this, and although many users might not take this as something normal (it doesn’t happen on other platforms, such as Facebook), others consider it to be a great way to learn more about Snapchatters across the world.

So, on your Snap Map, Snapchat shows people asleep based on their idle activity, but there is not a native feature to see when someone is active on Snapchat at all times - weird, isn’t it?

How Does Snapchat Know You’ re Sleeping?

Whether you think it’s cool or creepy that your Snap Map bitmoji falls asleep, it is something that you always share, as long as you have the Snapchat Map discoverability feature enabled.

Either way, besides simply checking if your phone is idle or not, Snapchat also has other factors in consideration before showing bedtime mode on Snap Maps.

1. Mobile Phone Activity

When you stop using your mobile device for a while, Snapchat will know it. So, let’s say that a person doesn’t use their phone for more than one hour.

They are not listening to music, nor checking friends’ Snaps.

In that case, Snapchat will take this into consideration, but then again, this is not the only factor they will analyze.

2. Location and Time of The Day

Snapchat has access to your location - that’s not a secret to anyone. Unless you enable Ghost Mode, you will appear on your friends’ Snap Map.

So, if you are at your house, at night, and you have been idle for more than one hour, then, at this point, you know that that sleeping bitmoji is coming!

3. Snapchat Analyzes Your Time Zone

Besides your location and activity, Snapchat also has access to your time zone.

They can know exactly when and where you are using your phone, so they connect all these points to determine whether they should display the Snap Map bitmoji or not.

That’s how Snapchat knows when you are sleeping! Of course, there’s a different scenario that they have no control over.

For instance, you can just leave your phone at home and go out with your friends.

Snapchat will show your Snap Map bitmoji as if it was sleeping, even if you are partying around the city.

After all, you are meeting all the “requirements” for Snapchat to determine whether you are sleeping or not, and you are “tricking” your Snap Map bitmoji to show a sleeping person - use this knowledge wisely!

What Else Does Snapchat Know?

There are many different bitmoji features on Snapchat. Snapchat identifies the speed at which you are going to know whether you are in cars or planes.

They even display a yellow car when they understand that you are on a ride.

Your bitmoji might also appear with some headphones on if you are listening to music on your phone.

If you are at the beach, Snapchat will record this information and show your bitmoji with a bathing suit.

If you are having breakfast really early in the morning, Snapchat will show your bitmoji drinking coffee on the Snap Map.

Each one of these features has its purposes, and they are cool for some, and not necessary for others.

That’s the answer you needed! Snapchat does not read your mind or something like that - they are just really good at tracking your phone’s data.

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Can You Turn Off Sleep Mode On Snapchat?

Yes, you can forget about appearing on the Snap Map if you enable ghost mode on your profile. This mode will guide location services, which means that your bitmoji will no longer appear sleeping, on the beach with headphones listening to music, and more. Learn how to enable Ghost Mode here.

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