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Last updated on: November 12, 2019
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The platform that has constantly been innovating the video space. YouTube.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine with billions of visits per month. Gone are those days when the platform was dominated by all sorts of videos including funny cat videos and co.

Over the years, people have begun to take YouTube seriously as a result of the platform’s massive potential. With billions of visits per month, you can use YouTube to educate or entertain your potential audience and if you do it right, then you’d realize that you’ll be able to get more YouTube views, reach maximum exposure and build a massive community of loyal followers in no time.

Just like every other platform, YouTube has massive potential that is worth pursuing.

With so many Youtubers or content creators, getting maximum exposure as a new user could be hard and sometimes, frustrating. Hence, this implies that there’s a lot of competition on YouTube.

As a result of this, you could decide to get followers through unethical means such as buying views or likes, however, such strategies tend to backfire because it could risk you losing your account, or you’d likely end up getting almost no exposure. Thus, going through unethical means just to boost your YouTube views is not the best.

However, as a content creator, the goal has always been to get more YouTube subscribers and views but then, with billions of videos on the platform; the question is – how do you get more YouTube views? It is important for you to know that if you’re truly serious about growing your YouTube channel, then, you can easily boost your YouTube views for free using various organic methods.

In this post, we will be sharing some tips that could help you increase your views on YouTube. So, whether you have a fashion channel, or you’re simply teaching people how to have a healthy diet or just sharing cooking or baking recipes with people – you have a potential to reach billions of people through this platform.

How Do You Increase Your YouTube Views?

There are various ways to increase your YouTube views organically. However, we’ve picked the top ten ways to increase your YouTube views in no time.

  • Create Engaging Contents
  • Make use of keyword rich titles and descriptions
  • Use Tags in your Videos
  • Optimize your video’s thumbnail image
  • Create compelling playlists
  • Use Viral Trends to Your Advantage
  • Leverage Other Platforms
  • Invite Guest Youtubers
  • Use Influencers for further reach
  • Build Your Community

If you’re ready to increase your YouTube views, then keep reading! We will go over each methods:

1. Create Engaging Contents

To thrive on any platform, one thing is crucial and that is your ability to create highly compelling and engaging content. No one likes a whacky or poor content. Even if you use ads to drive traffic to your page - if your videos are poor or boring, or featured people aren’t interesting, you’d realize that you’d end up wasting money with no good ROI (Return on Investment). Hence, creating highly engaging videos is extremely important.

To enable you to do this effectively, ensure you know your target audience before you create any video. This will help you ensure that your audience will be able to resonate with your videos. Attracting the right audience to your channel is important.

2. Make Use of Keyword Rich Titles and Descriptions

Once you have a compelling video ready to be uploaded, it is important to do your keyword research before uploading your content. To enable you to rank very well on YouTube, it is important that you make good use of Keyword Rich Titles and descriptions.

The purpose of keywords in your title is to tell the YouTube algorithm what your video is all about so that it can show your video to the right set of audience. Feel free to use keyword research tools to check the trending keywords in your niche. Whatever keywords you get, ensure to incorporate them into your title and description.

Furthermore, your Video Description is essential because it educates your audience on what your video is all about hence, helping you boost your views. Also, don’t forget to incorporate your keywords into your video description.

3. Optimize Your Videos with Tags

Another good way to increase your YouTube views is by using Video tags. These tags will help you distinguish your videos from the others. These tags will also enable the algorithm to send your target audience to your page. Therefore, it is important that your tags or keywords are related to your video or channel.

4. Optimize Your Video’s Thumbnail

If you’re familiar with YouTube, then, you would have noticed that more than 90% of the videos uploaded on the platform all have video thumbnails.

Your video thumbnail is one of your video’s selling point and if you do it right, it has the capability of driving significant traffic to your channel. To utilize your thumbnail, it is important to use high-quality and bright images. The fonts on your image should be readable and straight-to-the-point.

5. Create Compelling Playlists

Another way to increase your YouTube views is by using Playlists. Through the Auto-play feature, you can now get your other videos in front of your existing and new audience.

According to YouTube’s statics, it was recorded that most top performing brands on the platform tend to create and promote more playlists than the others. This alone tells you that Playlists can be very useful. To enable you to do this correctly, all you must do is to create playlists for your audience to watch once they’re done with a certain video they were watching.

The Auto-play feature allows this to be done easily plus, it can help you improve your search rankings. So, once you’ve created your playlists, you can embed them and post them on your channel. You could even get some users to try them out and give you their feedback. Ensure your playlists are compelling enough to leave your audience hooked.

Do you know of a type of video that is currently trending? If yes, then you can simply create something like that.

For a video to be trending, it simply means that there’s that need or want to view such type of content. Hence, if you can create your content around the ever-changing trends, then it could lead to more followers who are looking for such type of content. Although, it could be hard doing this; we believe there’s no harm in trying it as far as it brings you more loyal followers.

7. Leverage Other Platforms

As a Youtuber, you probably have other social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or even Facebook. Whichever platform you have, ensure you always check to input your YouTube URL. If you have a blog, you could also share the link with your audience. This will help you spread the word about your YouTube channel thus, resulting in more followers.

8. Invite Guest Youtubers

If you’re in a certain niche, it is advisable to look for other YouTubers in your niche and invite them to feature on your channel. If you decide to do this, it is ideal to choose a YouTuber who has more subscribers than you. By doing this, you’d be attracting followers from such YouTuber.

Another way to do this is by featuring on another person’s channel. Here, you’d have access to a whole new audience that could also become yours - if you have significant value to offer.

9. Use Influencers for further reach

Influencer marketing for YouTube is another great way of getting maximum exposure to your channel. Influencers are those who already have a significant following. To get maximum exposure, all you must do is to tap into the audience of an influencer.

However, before you do this, you must ensure that your channel is highly engaging as suggested earlier. This is to enable you to retain whosoever visits your channel with the aim of getting them to subscribe and become a loyal follower. So, if you already have a compelling page, you could reach out to certain influencers in your niche and get them to recommend your page to their followers. This could work magic if you do it right!

10. Build Your Community

If you follow the above steps carefully, chances are that you’d get a new inflow of followers. However, on YouTube, it is crucial to building your audience. One good way of retaining your audience is by building a community around your subscribers and those who visit your channel. To do this, you could run giveaways, encourage people to subscribe, like and comment on your videos. Offer genuine advice, seek feedback and when you get a comment, ensure you reply the comment.

By doing this, you’re giving your audience a sense of belonging hence, making them become active followers on your channel.

Get More YouTube Views: Final Thoughts

Conclusively, YouTube is a great way to get maximum exposure and when done right, you’d realize that it could be helpful to your business. Unfortunately, not many business owners and creators make use of YouTube.

Therefore, as a business owner or a creator, you could use this to your advantage. If you follow the steps above, then you’ll boost your YouTube views in no time.

So, are you ready to boost views on YouTube?

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