How to Spot Fake Twitter Followers (+ What To Do With Them)

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How could I possibly get fake followers?

There are few ways to acquire fake Twitter followers and sometimes you might be not even aware of it. Here are the most common ways you can acquire fake followers:

  • purchase followers in bulk
  • using suspicious apps and services

Purchase of followers

If you have purchased followers in bulk, you can be almost certainly sure they are fake. Think about it: if they were purchased, how could they be possibly real? Still think they could? We will find this out later

Suspicious apps that promise growth

You might stumble upon apps that promise you follower growth. Unless you are Justin Bieber, if you noticed a huge spike of followers in short period of time after using those apps, those Twitter followers are likely fake.

Why Fake Followers Are Useless

So you might be wondering - are there any benefits of fake Twitter followers? Or

They will damage your image

They won’t engage with your content

They won’t buy from you

They might get suspended eventually

How to spot fake followers on Twitter?

You probably wonder which followers are fake and how you can detect them? Can you detect them without any sophisticated methods or software? Yes you can, in fact, you can do it on a small number of profiles manually, directly from your computer.

Here is how you can spot fake Twitter profile

  • gibberish names
  • no bio
  • their following number is much higher than the follower number
  • they only retweet, never post

About the author

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