Facebook Comments Not Loading? Try This Fix


Have you ever logged in to your Facebook account, and all of a sudden, Facebook comments won’t load?

The truth is that this is something that happens to many users of this prominent social network created by Mark Zuckerberg.

This is a problem that affects not only the Facebook app, but also the Facebook website.

Therefore, if you are having this loading issue in the comment section, then it is imperative that you continue reading this guide to learn more about:

  • Why are Facebook comments not loading?;
  • How to fix Facebook comments not being loaded on your profile;
  • What to do if loading comments on the Facebook service is not working for you?

Why Are Facebook Comments Not Loading? 3 Common Reasons

There are many factors that might be causing reported issues and problems related to problems on the Facebook page or app.

If you cannot load comments on Facebook pages, groups, or a simple Facebook post, then it might be due to some of these three reasons:

  1. Connectivity problems: if your Wi-Fi connection is not working, or if you run out of mobile data, then the comments on this popular social media network won’t load. This affects other social media platforms as well;
  2. Cache or app bugs: the native app of Facebook must be kept updated to avoid further bugs on it. In the case of the Facebook browser page, then perhaps clearing cached data can do the trick;
  3. Device or account issues: different devices can encounter problems with the Facebook comments section if there’s a hardware issue going on. In the same order of ideas, you might be prevented from writing comments on Facebook due to an account ban or shadowban.

How to Fix Facebook Comments Not Loading: 5 Fixes

There are two types of problems related to comments on Facebook: no Facebook comment is loading, and some comments on your news feed are, but most of them aren’t.

Either way, if you try to check comments by tapping the Previous Comments, All the Comments, or More Comments buttons, but none of them work even if you are on the right page, then try each one of the following fixes.

Fix #1: Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing you must do is check your network connection on your mobile device or computer.

You need a good network connection if you don’t want bad Internet connectivity to mess up your Facebook experience.

So, check if your Wi-Fi is working. If not, change your cellular Internet connection - remember that you need a reliable data network to use it.

If this doesn’t work, then you need to contact your ISP to get a more stable connection so you can use any app you want without problems.

Fix #2: Update the Facebook App

Secondly, make sure to update Facebook app at all times.

You can simply go to the Google Play Store, if you own an Android, or the Apple App Store, if you own an iPhone, and look for the new version of the Facebook app on the search bar.

Once you update the app, sign in, and see if you can load comments now on your mobile device. Otherwise, proceed with the following fix.

Fix #3: Force Quit and Log Out from Facebook

If updating didn’t do the trick, it is time for mobile users to follow this process on the Facebook app:

  1. First, force-restart the Facebook app by entirely closing it on your device. After doing so, open Facebook, and on the menu bar, go to account settings, and select the Log Out button;
  2. Then, press the power button of your phone, and restart it;
  3. Now, open the Facebook app again, and re-sign into your account.

In theory, this should clear out small bugs on the Facebook app. Many users have reported that this method works, so don’t sleep on it.

Fix #4: Clear Facebook Cache and Browser Cache

There’s a great possibility that you need to clear cache in order to use the Facebook app adequately.

Remember that the cache slows the page, so on your browser, this what you must do:

  1. Go to your browser settings page and look for the Privacy option;
  2. Here, type in “Cache” on the search bar and open the menu tab;
  3. Finally, click on “Clear Data,” close your browser, and see if the web version of Facebook is working again.

You can also clear cache of the Facebook App on your phone by going to Settings, Apps, looking for Facebook, and selecting “Clear Data” as well.

Fix #5: Delete and Re-Install Facebook Application

At this point, if nothing else works, then look for the Facebook app on your phone, and tap Uninstall.

Then, look for the app on your OS’s app store, and download it. Log in to the app, and see if you can see comments now.

If this last resort method does not work for you, then we have some bad news: you are probably shadowbanned from the platform!

Wrapping Up: 5 Ways to Fix Facebook Comments Not Loading

Facebook comments are a really important part of the social features implemented by the platform, so having access to them is imperative.

Let’s summarize the fixes mentioned in this guide:

  1. Make sure that your Internet connection is working before blaming Facebook;
  2. Update the app to the latest version to avoid any kind of bug;
  3. Force-quit and log back into Facebook to see if that works;
  4. Clear your device’s cache and reinstall the app if nothing else works;
  5. Finally, contact Facebook Help so they can assist you on this matter if absolutely nothing has worked so far.

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Is Facebook Not Showing Comments Because I’m Banned?

Perhaps! If you fail to meet Facebook community standards, you can get shadowbanned and even permanently banned from the platform. Learn what to do if this happens to you by clicking here.

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