Discord Not Working? See Why & How to Fix It


Is Discord not working for you? Do not despair - nothing is perfect in this world, not even this excellent chat app!

Although Discord hardly fails, it is quite clear that some problems might arise without further notice.

Most reported problems related to Discord can be solved within minutes, and some others just need you to wait patiently.

If you are trying to use the Discord service on your device, but you can’t connect with your friends and other communities, then worry not - we’ll show you how to fix it.

Continue reading today’s article to get precise information about the following matters:

  • Why is Discord not working?;
  • How to solve different bugs that might appear in Discord services;
  • Best ways to make Discord work properly again.

Discord App Not Working

Imagine that you open Discord, and you can’t use the app because the “not working” issue is affecting the site.

Whether you access Discord through your browser, phone, or desktop app, errors might always be there without hesitation.

Discord has become a flagship in the gaming community because many users find Discord a really efficient app to voice and text chat.

The servers are often steady, but when a Discord outage happens, game players start to feel frustrations and stress over the platform.

Pro Tip: Don’t let issues and errors shatter your Discord journey! You and other site visitors will be able to join and log into Discord in the correct way - it’s just a matter of time.

In the meantime, check out some cool Discord Names and pick one that matches your preferences!

Is Discord Down? Check Discord Server Status

Don’t restart Discord over and over again - there’s probably a major outage going on, so you are not alone!

Recently, in March 2022, Discord servers experienced an unexpected error that impacted the platform’s API.

Immediately, users understood that the bug was bigger than expected.

In the official Discord Twitter, information regarding the Discord process of fixing the issues was being granted in real-time.

Many users started a report, but there’s really not much you can do here.

In this case, this is your best course of action:

  • Check Discord Status on the official DiscordStatus.com website. Visit the site if you want to receive the latest updates about the platform services and bugs;
  • Use a Third-Party status checker, such as Downdetector.com - access the site to get more data related to ongoing issues with the apps;
  • Go to official Twitter channels and sources while they fix Discord - check the Official Twitter Report for more information.

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Why is Discord Not Working and How to Fix Discord

First and foremost, make sure that Discord servers are working properly.

If there’s an outage going on, just wait for it to be solved - you have no power here.

Otherwise, try the following fixes.

1. Discord Desktop App Failing

If you use the Discord desktop app, and you can’t open it properly, it might be due to three main reasons.

In any case, first try to restart the app. Close Discord and open it again - if this is not useful, then proceed. Learn how to Restart Discord here.

Fix 1: Damaged or Corrupted System Files

Issues with the Discord folder often require you to entirely delete the app, and install it all over again.

If you receive an “Open” error whenever you try to initiate the application, then delete it, get rid of all the Discord data, and download it from the very beginning.

Sometimes, you just need to use the task manager in order to fix this problem, but since the root cause is much more complicated than believed, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Are you sure your PC is using the latest version of its Operating System? Otherwise, Discord might as well fail.

Not even using the end-task button or a command prompt will solve the matter if your computer is outdated.

Check for the latest updates, download them to your system, press enter, and try to run Discord again - it should work!

Fix 3: Third-Party Apps Messing with Discord

Since Discord overlays in many games where voice chats with your friends are a must, the application might have been blocked by them.

Likewise, some Windows antiviruses set up a firewall that targets Discord as a menace.

Deactivate your antivirus, and check if the app works properly.

Also, close all the apps, open Discord, and see if it works.

This can help you identify the files that are messing with the proper functioning of Discord.

2. Discord Mobile App Failing

If, on the other hand, you log in to Discord on your mobile device, then make use of the following fixes.

Fix 1: Update Discord App

Are you sure that you are running the latest version of the app? Go to Google Play or to Apple’s App Store and make sure that you are indeed using Discord updated.

This is one of the easiest ways to fix Discord, and it certainly works, so don’t sleep on it!

Fix 2: Clean Storage or Cache Data

If your phone doesn’t have enough storage, it might block the Discord application from working as it should.

You can check your Android storage by going to settings, device, and then storage.

Likewise, this can be done on iPhone by going to settings, general, iPhone Storage.

Also, try to clear cache - just locate the Discord Application in settings, and a button that says “Clear Cache” will appear.

Try to run Discord again, and see if it worked!

Fix 3: Reinstall Discord

If you have tried everything, but apparently you can’t simply join a Discord server for one reason or another, just delete the application and download it again.

This is one of the cleanest ways to solve your issues, although it might take some time depending on your Internet connection.

Then again, check Discord on your browser and other devices before deleting the application - remember that you can’t do anything against outages!

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