“Oops We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials” Snapchat Fix

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Imagine this: Snapchat was closed on your phone for one reason or another, and now you are trying to log back in.

You use your Snapchat username and Snapchat password combinations as you normally do, but then, an annoying error message pops up: “Oops, we could not find matching credentials” error.

Although this problem is not as common as other issues when Snapchat is not working, it is our duty to start fixing it as soon as we have a chance.

Thus, keep on reading today’s article to get precise information about:

  • What does “Oops, we couldn’t find matching credentials” error on Snapchat mean?;
  • How to fix “We Could Not Find Matching Credentials” on Snapchat;
  • What to do if the “We Could Not Find Matching Credentials” problem persists.

Why Am I Seeing “Oops We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials” on Snapchat? 3 Reasons

When you get the “Could Not Find Matching Credentials” error, your account on Snapchat won’t open.

This means that you cannot gain access to your account, even if you are using the right login credentials that you have always used.

Perhaps you are using lowercase letters on your password instead of using caps lock, but if this is not the case, then there are three possible reasons for this problem on Snapchat accounts.

1. Your Snapchat Account Has Been Compromised

This is the most common reason why the Could Not Find Matching Credentials error appears on a user’s account.

Nefarious hackers might be trying to gain access to your Snapchat profile from an unknown location, and therefore, the Team Snapchat locks your account due to suspicious activity.

Too many account access attempts will trigger this error, and in order to protect your data, this same message will appear until you regain access to your Snapchat account.

2. There’s a Bug On the Snapchat App

Perhaps you don’t need to panic, and maybe you need to use the correct username or simply clear the app’s cache to delete the temporary files that might be causing bugs on your account.

The Snapchat app is not perfect, and even simple problems, such as having an unstable Internet connection, might cause bugs on certain apps and other websites.

3. Snapchat Servers Are Failing

If Snapchat servers are down, then you have no power to fix “Oops, we couldn’t find matching credentials” on Snapchat.

Try to access any other account you have, and see if the problem persists.

If that’s the case, then wait until the servers work again - there’s nothing you can do here.

How To Fix “Oops We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials” on Snapchat App

If you are sure that you have lost access to your Snapchat account, and you can’t log in no matter what (even if you use the right password and username), then it is time to do something.

Check out these solutions so you can fix “Oops, we could not find matching credentials” problems on either your Android or iOS device.

Fix #1: Wait for the Snapchat Error Message “Oops, We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials” to Disappear

As we mentioned before, some Snapchat users have reported that this error is just a temporary bug that goes away by itself.

Thus, the first thing that you should do is wait before you access the app.

Perhaps try to reset your phone and to clear Snapchat cache - most small bugs disappear like this.

Fix #2: Update Snapchat and Reset It

Updating Snapchat is a must - in fact, every app must be kept updated on your phone! If you have an Android, go to the Google Play Store, look for the Snapchat App, and download the latest version.

iPhone users can open their phone’s App Store and do the same.

After you update the app, try to log in to your account again. If that doesn’t work, then move on to the following fix.

Fix #3: Try to Log In from Another Device

Login problems can also be troubleshot if you try to open any other account you have, or try to log in from another mobile device.

If you can open Snapchat on another phone, then your device is the problem. If, on the other hand, you use your password and username to log in on another device, but your Snapchat account keeps receiving the same message, then it is time to reset your Snapchat password.

Fix #4: Perform Snapchat Password Reset

If you reset your Snapchat password, you can ensure that other people won’t be able to access your profile.

Either way, in order to begin resetting your Snapchat password, you need to have access to the same Snapchat email you created when you first signed up for the platform.

  1. Open the Snapchat app, and that on the Forgot Password option;
  2. Here, select Reset Password, and a password reset link will be sent to your email;
  3. Open the verification email you received from Snapchat, and click on the password reset link;
  4. Now, reset your Snapchat password to one you can remember, and click on the confirm password button;
  5. Confirm your decisions by tapping on the Save option, and try to log in again to Snapchat. If you still can’t do it, then try the last fix.

Fix #5: Contact Snapchat Support Team to Unlock Account

At this point, you might need to unlock your Snapchat account.

Snapchat will lock your Snapchat profile if they think that your information has been compromised on Snapchat.

So, on a web browser, go to the Support section, and report a problem.

Explain your case to the Snapchat Customer Service Team, and hit the submit button.

They should help you as soon as they have a chance, but it is imperative to have some patience here.

Summary: 5 Fixes for the We Could Not Find Matching Credentials Error On Snapchat

We know that being kept out of your Snapchat profile is frustrating, but with these five fixes, you can get rid of this problem ASAP:

  1. Make sure to update and reset the Snapchat app - it might be just a bug!;
  2. Try to wait for a while before losing your mind;
  3. Access the Snapchat login screen from another device and see if that works;
  4. Go to the “Forget Password” section, wait for the reset link, and set a new Snapchat password;
  5. Contact the Snapchat Support Crew in case nothing else works for you.

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How to Prevent the Error “Oops, We Could Not Find Matching Credentials” On Snapchat?

Your best shot would be to enable two-factor authentication on your account.

This will keep all of your information safe, and it is highly unlikely that this problem will happen again. Learn more about Snapchat 2FA here.

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