How to Change Wallet on OpenSea

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OpenSea has become the number one NFT marketplace in the world.

Users who log in to the website need to connect their wallet in order to store their precious digital assets.

But things can change. Maybe you don’t trust some wallet platforms anymore, or perhaps you want to have NFTs stored on your MetaMask wallet instead of Trust Wallet.

Whatever your motives are, this leads us to wonder: is it really possible to change wallets on OpenSea? Let’s jump straight to the answer! Continue reading this post to learn more about:

  • How to change wallet on OpenSea;
  • What you need to know about OpenSea and crypto wallets;
  • Is it really possible to change your wallet on this platform?

OpenSea Account and Your Linked Wallet Address

When you open a new account on OpenSea, it’s imperative to get your wallet connected.

If you are new to wallets, remember that saving your secret recovery phrase is important before connecting it to websites.

In any case, it works like this: you create your wallet, save the secret recovery phrase, connect it to OpenSea on your computer or phone by giving permissions to the app, and there you go - you can browse, purchase, sell, and check the price of hundreds of NFTs.

So, creating an OpenSea profile without a wallet is certainly not possible.

And, if you want to Get Verified on OpenSea in the future, you will need to contact the OpenSea support team and meet the requirement, which includes having a valid crypto wallet on your account.

Can You Directly Change Wallets on OpenSea?

The short answer is no, you can’t.

If you look for a “switch wallets” option on OpenSea, you won’t find it at all.

The internet understands that crypto is all about a decentralized environment where you control your money, and this concept is translated into ownership on NFTs as well.

Consequently, OpenSea only allows one crypto wallet per account, since it’s easier to verify ownership of assets.

]Press here to check out the Supported Wallets on OpenSea.

How to Change Wallet on OpenSea

So, what are your options then? Firstly, you can just create a new account and change the wallet address at the moment you sign in.

Nonetheless, some users state that creating a new wallet isn’t in their best interest, so instead of contacting support, try out the following process we have for you.

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Step 1: Sign In to OpenSea

First, log out from your old account, go to the websites’ main page on OpenSea, and connect a new wallet.

Let’s say that you don’t want to use Ledger anymore, and instead, you want to change to a MetaMask account.

Step 2: Connect the New Wallet (Coinbase Wallet, Ledger Account, MetaMask, etc.)

Now, connect your previously set MetaMask account on the platforms’ menu.

Remember that, in this hypothetical case, we are changing Ledger for MetaMask.

Step 3: Go to OpenSea Profile Settings

Once your wallet is already linked to your account on OpenSea, open the settings option on your profile.

Step 4: Type In Your Old Username and Email

This step is crucial: you need to type in the old username and email you had linked to your previous account on OpenSea.

At this point, remember that you are using another wallet, but the username and email information must remain the same.

Then, you will receive an email from OpenSea in order to verify your decision.

Proceed as stated, and now your profile will have a new linked wallet.

Will My NFT Collection Transfer?

No, your collection won’t transfer from one wallet to another by following the previously mentioned steps.

If you want to transfer your NFTs, it’s imperative to do so externally.

Hence, this will just change the wallet address linked to your profile, but not as “smoothly” as someone would believe.

The truth is that limitations regarding wallet addresses on OpenSea are there, and we can’t ignore them.

It is safe to say that some users on the platform prefer to create a new profile instead of doing this.

In any case, this method has proven to work.

You are ready to transfer, sell, or buy NFTs at your will now! For more useful NFT articles and blog posts, keep tuned on GrowFollowing.


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