How To Change Twitter Handle on Twitter

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Your Twitter username - alternatively called “Twitter handle” - is the very first thing you set up when you join the platform.

Whether you are an individual or a brand, Twitter username is the foundation of every interaction on Twitter - this is how people tag you in their tweets, visiting your Twitter profile URL and your followers can recognize you.

Your username is something you identify yourself with and likely something you will keep for years to come.

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But in case you want to change it, I have good news for you - you can change your Twitter handle anytime, as many times as you like.

In this article you will learn:

  • things you should know before you change your username
  • how to change Twitter handle (both on mobile and desktop)
  • explain what are common reasons you are unable to change Twitter

Before you change your username

  • if you change your Twitter handle, Twitter won’t automatically redirect any visitors clicking your old Twitter handle or visiting your old profile URL to your new profile.

Additionally, Twitter won’t redirect any tweets when someone mentions your old @username in their tweets.

  • once your switch to a new Twitter handle, your old username can be claimed by other Twitter users as it becomes free
  • you can change your Twitter handle as many times as you want, there is no limit
  • other people won’t be notified that you changed your Twitter username or display name

Given you are likely using a Twitter app on your mobile phone, I will show you first how to change your username from a mobile device.

Heads up! You might be searching for an option to change your Twitter username in your profile page - it’s not there.

As intuitive as we might think it would be, Twitter decided to hide this setting inside Settings and Privacy.

How to Change Twitter handle with Mobile App

Step 1: Launch Twitter mobile app.

Step 2: Tap your Twitter profile avatar.

Step 3: You will see a side menu panel on the left, scroll a little down until you see “Settings and Privacy” - tap it.

Step 4: Tap “Account”.

Step 5: Tap “Username”

Step 6: Inside “Update username”, tap the “New” username field. You might see a prompt “Are you sure you want to change your username” - tap “Continue”.

Step 7: Type in the new username you want to change to. Your username must be at least 4 characters long and 15 characters or less. Additionally, it can contain only letters, numbers, and underscores and no spaces. In case the username is not available or you are using any of the non-supported characters, Twitter will output an error message.

Step 8: Once you type in the username that is available, just tap “Done” in the upper right corner.

That’s all! You just changed your Twitter handle on your account!

How to change Twitter handle from Web Browser

Follow these step-by-step instructions to change your username using web browser.

Step 1: Login to your Twitter account.

Step 2: From the account menu on the left side, click “More”.

Step 3: Select “Settings and privacy”

Step 4: In the first tab in Settings, click “Account information”. You might be asked for the password, so go ahead and type it.

Step 5: Click “Username”.

Step 6. Pick new username you want to change to and click “Save” to confirm.

This is how you change your Twitter handle via web browser!

What’s Twitter handle? Where can I locate it?

In case you are new to Twitter and confused about the terminology: Twitter handle is your Twitter username.

You can locate it in your profile - it starts with the “@” symbol.

Every Twitter user has their own, unique handle that is also used in URL, like twitter.com/@twitterhandle

Many people use term “handle” instead of “username”. Rest assured, they are referring to the very same thing.

How to change my Twitter display name?

Additionally to changing your Twitter handle, you might also want to change your display name - display name is more prominent on Twitter than the handle and this will be the first thing, beside your Twitter profile photo, people will notice.

Changing display name is a little more intuitive as it’s located in the profile - just click “Edit” button in your profile page and you should see a field to update your display name.

I hope I could be as detailed as possible with these instructions - in case you are lost - send us a message on our email address!

Pro tip: Once you change your Twitter handle, make sure to update all relevant links on your website, blog, forums and other social media sites.

As obvious at it might sound, many people forget to update their social media handles.

This is especially important for any business or brand!

I hope my tips were helpful and you successfully managed to change the username on your Twitter account.

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Twitter Handle Change FAQ

How often can I change my Twitter handle?

You can change your Twitter handle as often as you wish.

Twitter does not have any limit on the amount or frequency you change your Twitter username.

Why can’t I change my Twitter username?

The most common reason why you can’t change your Twitter username is that the username has been already taken.

Other common reasons: the username you are trying to get is either blacklisted or it was suspended in the past.

How do I find my Twitter handle?

To find your Twitter handle, head to your profile and locate your Twitter name - right below that will be a string that starts with the “@” sign - this is your Twitter handle.

Can I claim the Twitter handle of the profile that was suspended?

No. You can’t get a Twitter handle of the profile that was suspended in the past.

The best would be to reach out to Twitter customer service and see whether you can recover it.

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