Can You See Who Views Your VSCO?


The VSCO app has had its peaks of popularity during the past few years.

The creators say that this is essentially a photo editing app, but is VSCO considered social media?

Well, we could say so, but it is clear that VSCO’s social network functions are really limited, so when it comes to competing against Instagram, the app is not really that appealing to newcomers and other users.

Either way, becoming a VSCO girl or a VSCO boy is something that many users find really fun, but can you see who views your profile? In today’s article, we are going to cover the following topics:

  • Can you see who views your VSCO?;
  • How does viewing profiles on VSCO work?;
  • Things to know about VSCO before you use the app.

How Does VSCO Work?

VSCO is a photo editor and social media platform where photo-sharing and checking new pictures selected by VSCO staff on the Discover section are the main attractions of the platform.

VSCO allows you to make beautiful pictures while allowing you to express creative freedom while you post pictures without the pressure of “numbers,” something that does not happen on other sites and other platforms.

VSCO is not allowing comments, likes, or most classic social interaction features that we find commonly on other social media apps.

This means that VSCO does not track user activity or location data, which is clearly expressed in the app’s terms of service.

Just share photos, images, and videos, without allowing users to comment on your content and be happy about it!

Can You See Who Views Your VSCO?

In short, no, you cannot see who views your VSCO profile.

There isn’t an option that allows you to see who views your profile when they have the app open.

So, does VSCO notify users when someone sees their profile? The answer is no, but there are some options that you can employ to infer whether someone has seen your profile or not.

There are third-party apps that claim they can help you check who sees your social media platforms’ profiles, including VSCO, but these apps are unreliable and might compromise your privacy.

How to See Who Views Your VSCO Profile

Since you won’t receive a push notification when someone sees your social network profile on VSCO, then there’s no way to check this directly.

Also, remember that there’s no “like” count on the app, but we have found two workarounds that can help you determine whether other users have seen your VSCO profile or not.

Method 1: Check Your Follower Count On the VSCO App

Your follower count is hidden from everyone on VSCO.

This means that your VSCO contacts cannot see the number of users that follow you, but you can indeed check it.

Head to your VSCO profile, and tap on the Followers tab, right above your images or photos.

Here, you can check the accounts that follow you.

If someone has followed you on VSCO, that means that they have accessed your profile, and, therefore, see your pictures on the app.

Method 2: See if Someone Has Shared or Favorited A VSCO Picture

We have mentioned before that there are no like counts on VSCO whatsoever.

Nonetheless, imagine that someone is scrolling through their VSCO Discover Tab, and they find some photos that you have uploaded.

In that case, they can Share your photos or save them into a collection.

If someone indeed saves or shares the photos, you will receive a notification.

There’s a chance that that person sees your profile as well.

So, you might as well infer that people who saved or shared your pictures are indeed interested in your content, and, therefore, have checked your profile as well.

Remember that VSCO does not notify screenshots either.

Wrapping Up: Can You See Who Checks Your VSCO Account?

To sum things up, there’s no way to properly see the people who check your profile on VSCO, and perhaps this is for the best.

You can get an idea of the people who see your profile by checking your followers and receiving notifications from the people that save or share your content.

But, other than that, there’s no way to see them.

Remember that this is not Instagram, so people can’t even comment on other people’s content - this is the way VSCO works!

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Is VSCO a Free App?

The VSCO app is free if you just want to use it on PC support and both Android devices and iOS platforms. Nonetheless, there’s a premium VSCO membership that includes advanced tools (photo editing and video editing tools), so you can edit photos and upload them to your VSCO feed.

But how much does a VSCO membership cost either way? There’s a seven-day free trial to improve your edited photos, and you can get more insights into its price and features by going to VSCO.co.

Are There Private Accounts on VSCO?

No - there’s only one account type on VSCO. This means that all users have the same type of profile on the platform - then again, this is not like Instagram!

Nonetheless, it is possible to use the Journals feature to set some photos as private, so only a few people can see them. You can learn more about account types on VSCO by clicking here.

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