Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Updated on: May 6, 2019
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If you are very familiar with Instagram, you might be aware that there are mainly three types of people that use Instagram, and these are - individuals, artists/celebrities/influencers, or corporations. However, there is one more type of Instagrammers that you should know exists, and these are bots.

These bots are nothing but impersonators of a dead profile. If there is an old inactive profile on Instagram, these bots hijack them and impersonate them. Basically, there are hundreds of inactive Instagram profiles hence, allowing these bots to take advantage of them. They really do nothing to harm the image of the said person. However, these profiles are used to like, follow or comment on other profiles. Nevertheless, this is the “success” story of some influencers you see in the market. Basically, there are certain influencers or brands that invest in the purchase of Instagram followers without knowing the consequences of doing such. Nevertheless, in this blog post, we will be covering we think you should know as regards buying Instagram followers.

Now, the main question is - should you buy followers on Instagram? It depends on who you are and what is your main aim. Below, we would discuss extensively on whether buying followers on Instagram will be ideal for your brand or not.

Your identity on social media

Are you a brand looking forward to creating a buzz? Are you an aspiring Instagram influencer looking for some impressive numbers to “influence” other people? Perhaps, you are a local Rockstar just wanting to seek fun with numbers hoping to make good use of the account later? Now, it is quite a little harmless to buy followers on Instagram if you are not a brand or seeking to be a public figure. However, if you are a brand or a public personality, then you might want to have a second thought as regards buying followers on Instagram. First of all, you can get these followers for a pretty cheap price. From $5 for 100 followers to $500 for 1000, the prices may vary a little. Getting likes on a post is much cheaper than getting followers on your profile. So, for a hundred or two hundred likes, you could be paying a dollar, which might sound like a good deal. Now that you know the economics, what’s the risk?

The Face Behind the Bots

You might be overwhelmed with your promised number of followers increasing per minute. However, if you click on those profiles, you’d know that many of those ‘supposed’ followers might be inactive on Instagram. They either might have two or perhaps no post- hence, they tend to look suspicious. Many have been rumored to be peddling soft porn in these inactive bots. Those kinds of profiles would be following your profile. Someday, you might even be shocked to find one of those profiles comment something inappropriate on one of your posts. What are the basic strategies that these bots or services use to get followers? They would automatically make your account follow those profiles that serve your niche. Then if the accounts your profile follows, hoping for a follow back, don’t follow you then they unfollow it. These services also go ahead and comment or like on pictures that suits your niche. This helps in getting more exposure for your profile. Quantity over quality 
Shopping for likes and followers is loosely termed as Instagram automation. Here, you link your account to a service that increases your followers or likes on certain posts of your choice. What’s the catch? Suppose you are an artist/brand/influencer on Instagram. If a fan or a section of target audience stumbles upon your profile, they might be impressed with your follower’s count. But as soon as they click on your post and see a disparity between the number of likes on a post and the number of comments versus the number of followers, they will call out your bluff. The Consequence? Your integrity will be questioned. People will notice and will negatively react to it. So, it is actually a really temporary and backfiring strategy. Let’s make it a little simple for you to understand: Most of the genuine profiles have follower’s engagement of 7-8% at least. The fake follower’s accounts will have an engagement rate of 1.5% to 4%, which is a huge dip. Buying bots don’t get you, instant genuine followers. It doesn’t even get you likes or comments that you might be expecting to come your way. This is the reason why people say that numbers can be deceiving. The consequences on your brand 
When you know that these bots are not your real followers then how do you amass real fame? If you are a brand, you would be looking forward to boosting your sales. However, these bots are not going to buy anything from you. They are virtually dead – literally. If you are an influencer on Instagram or want to become one, then this will look bad on your profile. The companies or sponsors who would want to associate with you will thoroughly check your profile. If they do the math, they will be able to tell if your followers are genuine or are bots. However, if you do buy followers on Instagram, you would be the one doing all the spending with no greater results. Also, it is important to note that Instagram actively hunts for bots who are dedicated to this purpose. It could result in a risk of your account getting deleted by Instagram along with the loyal followers you have on your profile. If one has to calculate engagement percentage, here is the formula: A number of likes on posts + number of comments on posts/number of followers x 100 =engagement rate. Nowadays, it is easier to detect if an account bought its followers. Hence, if potential sponsors find out that your followers are fake, you will be prone to getting a bad reputation from all over the place. Everyone will question your integrity and genuineness. So, is it really worth it by now? What is the alternative? 
If you do not have genuine followers, sponsors will not like to associate with you. This will not result in the ROI that you dream of having. Also, people do figure out what is genuine and what is fake. Losing integrity would mean losing followers and business. It doesn’t matter if you have a few hundred genuine people following you on Instagram. If you use the right methods like using the right hashtags (at least 11 per post) and you use the right social media tools, it could help you increase the reach of your profile which could lead to an influx of loyal followers. Thus, it is important to note that when you are looking to grow your influence, don’t go for shortcut methods. Instead, you should invest time in building a good social media marketing strategy. Invest in Instagram video ads, story ads, post ads, and what not! These will definitely help you gain the visibility and reach you need without looking too desperate or flaky. Here, you can think about how your content will make a difference, what makes your content different and better from the rest. By identifying this, you can easily come up with a USP and sell your brand anywhere you go. To summarize 
If you believe that fake numbers will get you up there, it will not. It is going to hurt your marketing strategy in the long run. It will also affect your brand image and people will criticize it as well. It will be hard starting from scratch again. Don’t forget that potential customers or brand associates would look at the ratio between followers, likes, and comments. This will tell them if it is good to associate with you or not. If you get a bad reputation in the social media circle, you will not be getting the ROI that you would be expecting. Hence, you’d realize that you end up spending more on buying bots than real followers investing anything on you. If you are a business or someone who is looking for buyers, these bots will do nothing for you. They will only sit pretty on your followers count. However, it is okay to grow slow than to buy Instagram followers. The rate of engagement will be genuine and you can gain more prominence slowly. If you want better engagement, try better tactics. So this means you should invest in making better content and using the right social media tools to get you there. Also, if you don’t know how Instagram’s algorithm works, you can always take help of genuine social media services like to help you with it. GrowFollowing helps you grow your Instagram account organically hence, this is much better than spending your money on bots. We hope that you have found the answer to the hot topic of the day. In the end, it is your decision on what you want to portray to the world. But we believe that you would want to choose better audience engagement than zombie bots. Choose the best for your Instagram profile!

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