Apple Pay Services Are Currently Unavailable? Here’s Fix


Are you trying to use Apple Pay, but it says, “Apple Pay Services Are Currently Unavailable?”

This error message happens when current Apple Pay services cannot be accessed from your iOS device.

This will prevent you from making payments with your Apple Card or Apple Wallet App on your phone.

There are many reasons that might lead iOS users to experience these problems.

We know how frustrating it is to have your money frozen on Apple services, which is why we will show you everything you must know about:

  • Why Apple Pay Services Are Currently Unavailable?;
  • How to fix Apple Pay services unavailable;
  • What to do if you can’t fix an Apple Pay problem?

Why Apple Pay Services Are Currently Unavailable? 3 Common Reasons

Apple Pay, managed through Apple Wallet and Apple Cash services, is a great option if you want to receive money or send cash immediately from your iOS phone.

Nonetheless, this payment system has many security options that might directly mess with your settings and cause an Apple Pay issue.

That’s why having the knowledge of what is happening will help you fix Apple payment services once and for all.

1. Apple Cash is Not Set Up in Apple Wallet

Are you sure that your Apple Cash debit card is correctly set up? If you fail to complete Apple Cash Card verification, you won’t be able to use Apple Card services whatsoever.

This creates an Apple Pay authentication failure that affects the user in a direct way.

2. Apple Pay Not Loading

If you don’t have Apple Pay’s access to the app whatsoever, then maybe your Internet connection is not working.

You can solve connection-related issues by using cellular data instead of Wi-Fi connections.

3. Apple Pay Servers Are Down

It can happen that Apple Pay services are simply down momentarily, which is a long shot, but it can happen nonetheless.

You can check if Apple Card services are working or not on the official Apple Website by clicking here.

If the servers are down, then users must wait before being able to solve Apple Pay problems on their iOS devices.

How to Fix Apple Pay Services Are Currently Unavailable

There are seven ways to resolve the Apple Pay Services Are Currently Unavailable issues.

Before you start, make sure that you have an active Internet connection, as discussed earlier.

With nothing more to add**, let’s solve Apple Pay Unavailable problems once and for all.**

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

First and foremost, double-check if your Wi-Fi network is working. If not, go to Settings, then Networks, and open Cellular Data to enable it.

If, after changing your connection settings, Apple payment services are still unavailable, then move on to the following fix.

Fix 2: Update Your iOS Device

Your iOS device must be updated to the latest version of the iOS operating system so you can use Apple’s payment method without problems.

Go to Settings, General, and tap on Software Update.

Tap on install the latest iOS, and update your phone.

Wait for your iPhone to update, and then see if the Apple Pay Unavailable message has disappeared.

Fix 3: Reset iPhone and Disable VPN

You might be just facing a small bug on your iPhone, which is why restarting it might do the trick.

Long-tap the power button on your iPhone until you see the Apple Logo.

Then, tap on Settings, and turn off any VPN that is linked to your iPhone.

After restarting your iPhone, you should be able to use Apple Pay.

If not, move on to the next fix.

Fix 4: Verify Your Apple Cash Identity

Your Apple ID won’t be able to make any payment if you don’t fully verify your identity.

Whether you have linked a bank account or a financial card from a major credit card company, it is imperative for Apple to verify your info.

This includes all your bank data and all the cards linked to your Apple account, including your Apple Card.

So, tap your iPhone settings, open Wallet, and follow on-screen steps to update your data.

Mismatching user information is one of the main reasons why Apple Pay services are not available at the moment you want to make a purchase.

Fix 5: Log Out and Sign In to Your Apple ID

Sometimes, disabling and enabling Apple Pay Cash from your Apple ID does the trick.

Thus, go to Settings, select your name, and log out from your Apple ID.

Then, sign back in, and restart your iPhone just to be sure.

Once you sign in again, the problem should be gone.

Fix 6: Change Your iPhone Settings

Language and Region Settings must be set to Automatic in order to avoid any possible bug on Apple Pay.

Open Settings, go to Generals, Language & Region, and make sure that your region is properly set.

If not, change the settings so you can proceed to use Apple Pay.

Remember that Apple Pay is not available in all countries, so it is imperative to consider country restrictions before you change this information.

Fix 7: Contact Apple Support Team

At last, if you certainly cannot use Apple Pay at all, then you need to use the last resort alternative: contact Apple and explain your case to them.

If you have followed all the aforementioned fixes and neither of them has worked so far, then there’s probably a problem with your account.

Thus, trust on the information that this GrowFollowing guide has for you, and use Apple Pay again in the blink of an eye!


How Do I Know if My Country Supports Apple Pay?

You can learn whether your country supports Apple payment features or not by going to the official Apple Website here.

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