How to Add the Q&A on TikTok

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TikTok is not only for watching short videos and sharing content with other users - creators can have a lot of special features that surely power their content!

One of the best TikTok’s tools is the Q&A feature, which is available for creator accounts only.

This option allows any TikTok creator to answer questions from their viewers and followers in the form of video replies and comments.

Nonetheless, before you start to make responses as a TikTok creator, you need to enable the Q&A feature first. Doing so is super easy, which is why today’s guide will focus on the following:

  • How to add the Q&A on TikTok;
  • Things to know before you use the Q&A feature on TikTok;
  • How to use TikTok Q&A as a viewer or content creator.
Quick answer To add the Q&A feature on TikTok, you must have a creator account with at least 10k followers. Open your TikTok profile, go to Settings and Privacy, change to a Creator account, and then turn on Q&A in the Creator section. You can now answer questions from your followers using pre-recorded videos or live streams.

What is the Questions and Answers Feature On TikTok?

The new TikTok Q&A feature is an option that allows creators to make a response to their followers’ questions in the form of a video reply.

TikTok’s Q&A is yet another feature implemented on the TikTok app to help creators boost their results and engagement with audiences.

Using the TikTok Q&A feature allows followers to connect with their favorite creators in a unique way.

When creators respond to questions, they can dive deeper and connect better with viewers looking forward to receiving answers from the people they admire on the platform.

How to Use the Question and Answer Feature (As a Viewer)

If you are a viewer, you can ask questions and hope for responses from creators who have enabled the TikTok Q&A feature.

In order to use TikTok Q&A, the TikTok app must be updated to the latest version on your mobile phone, so without further ado, let’s learn how to use it.

Pro Tip: Everyone can start a TikTok live stream! If you want to stream on your TikTok account, then, learn how to go live on TikTok by tapping or clicking on the aforementioned link.

Step 1: Go to a TikTok Live Stream

The easiest way to make questions through Q&A is to do so on a Live Stream. Therefore, open TikTok, and go to the Live section.

Surf the streams from all users, and proceed with the one you like the most.

Step 2: Tap the Comment Section

After you open the video stream, tap on the comment section. It is worth noting that before making a question, the creator must turn on Q&A first.

Step 3: Select the Question Mark Icon And Ask Questions to the Creator

Now, select the speech bubble icon with the question mark, and ask your question. Then, wait for the TikTok creator to respond.

They might get a lot of questions from their viewers, so waiting for responses might take more than normal.

Alternative: Tap the Q&A Icon On a Creator Profile

Creators who turn on Q&A have a new section under their bio that says “Q&A.” You can search for their account, tap on that icon, and ask the question there.

This lets them perform pre-recorded video replies easily. This way, users can also make comments and questions to their creators even if they are not currently live.

How to Add the Q&A On TikTok

Creator accounts are the only ones capable of using the Q&A option with their viewers. If you have a creator account, and want to add Q&A to your profile, then this is what you have to do.

Step 1: Open TikTok And Go to Your TikTok Profile Page

Open TikTok and tap on your profile icon to open your profile page.

Step 2: Tap On Settings and Select Settings and Privacy

Select the settings icon at the top right corner of the screen, and then open the Settings and Privacy Page.

Step 3: Select Manage Account and Change to Creator Account

Once you open the Settings and Privacy Page, tap on the Manage Account icon and select Change to Creator Account.

It is necessary to mention that you must have at least 10k followers to select Creator account - otherwise, this option won’t appear whatsoever.

Step 4: Select Creator and Tap “Turn On Q&A”

After you change your account type, go to the Creator Section, and tap on the button that says “Turn On Q&A.”

Step 5: Answer Questions from Your Followers!

From now on, Q&A will be active on your creator profile. This means that you can make a pre-recorded video reply on a separate panel if people ask you questions, or answer questions while going Live on TikTok.

All in all, the Q&A option is one of the best TikTok features, so don’t sleep on it! Get more awesome and useful TikTok content here, at GrowFollowing.


Does Q&A Show On TikTok Bio?

Yes! If you enable Q&A on your profile, the Q&A icon will appear right under your biography on TikTok.

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