How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Page


Whether you have an online business or a personal brand, having a page on Facebook is a great way to improve and tailor your Facebook marketing efforts.

Although having full control of what happens on your brand, personal, or business page is great, we can’t be all day long looking at our page news feed.

That’s why the role of Facebook admin is so important nowadays.

Giving someone admin privileges will help you manage pages more easily, which is why it is important to learn how to do it.

In today’s post, we will provide you with all the info you need about these matters:

  • How to add an admin to a Facebook Page;
  • The importance of admins in Facebook Pages;
  • Things you must know before you add person as admin on Facebook.

Understanding Facebook Page Roles

There are different Facebook page roles that the owner of the page can provide to other users.

Facebook lets page owners create special permissions for the people they assign, being the admin page role the most important and relevant one.

  • A Facebook admin can ban people, delete posts, create boosted posts, and send messages to anyone;
  • The Facebook admin you assign will have complete access to your page, meaning that they can also reject, accept, or remove users at their will;
  • Admins can manage job features, access creator studio options, create ads, manage comments, and even report people to get their Facebook account locked;
  • In general, the person you want to have the admin role will have the same permissions as the page owner, so choose wisely before you change someone’s role!

There are different existing page roles besides admin.

Although other page roles can also delete comments, make boosted posts, and more, some features that require full control of a Facebook page are limited to admins.

Existing page roles are often used by any marketing agency in order to decide on a page business manager.

Nonetheless, note that every type of Facebook page can add a new admin at their will.

How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Page

Before you assign a new page admin, think it through - you will be giving full access and permissions to someone!

Either way, you will still be the page owner, so you can simply edit these roles further on.

Without nothing more to add, let’s add admin to your Facebook page!

Pro Tip: If the person you want to make an admin will be in charge of posting ads or posts, make sure that they make the post shareable on Facebook.

This way, your page or pages will reach more people while you continue to create ads or content!

1. Add an Admin to Your Facebook Page from Web Version

The easiest way to add admin on Facebook is by doing so directly from the web version.

Step 1: Go to the Settings Tab on Your Page

Log in to your Facebook profile using your email and password. Then, click on the gear icon that appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

This will show you your Page right on the left-hand side. Click on this left column, and proceed.

Step 2: Click on “Manage Page Roles”

After opening your Page, you must click “Settings” on the page.

Then again, another menu will open. In the left toggle bar, click where it says “Manage Page Roles.”

Scroll further down, and you will see a button that says “Assign New Page Role.” This is where you can add admin.

Step 3: Search for the Personal Facebook Account You Want to Make Admin

Look for the username or email of the person you wish to turn into an admin. After you find them, just click “Add.”

After you click “Add”, a little dropdown menu will ask you to choose between five different page roles. Select “Admin.”

Finally, the platform will ask you to input your Facebook password.

Accept your decision, and there you go - you have a new Facebook admin!

Remember that if you can’t add someone on Facebook from this page, it might be because the person blocked your account or hasn’t liked your page.

2. Add Admin to Your Facebook Page from Mobile Version (iOS & Android)

You can also add a new person admin to your business page from the Facebook mobile app.

Step 1: Open the Facebook App and Tap on “Pages”

Access your Facebook account as you normally do, and go to settings. Select your page, and proceed.

Step 2: Go to Page Settings and “Manage Roles”

Go to Page Settings, and then again, select “Manage Page Roles.” The interface will be almost the same as from the browser version.

Look for the person you want to add.

Find their account, and tap on “Add.” A drop-down menu will ask you to select the role you want to give to the person.

Step 3: Add Admin and Click Confirm

Finally, input your password again, and tap “Save.” That’s how you add person to page as an admin from the mobile version - quite easy, isn’t it?

How to Remove Page Admin on Facebook

Let’s say that the person you gave admin access to isn’t really doing their job.

This is how you remove them:

  • Go to your Page Settings and select “Manage Page Roles;”
  • Click “Edit,” and you will access a menu to edit their roles;
  • Next to the name of the person you want to remove, you will see a little pencil icon. Tap on it, and then select “Remove” - they will no longer have access to admin features!

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How Many Admins Can a Facebook Page Have?

There’s no limit to the number of people you can add as admins. According to Facebook’s Website, you can add multiple people without consequences or limitations.

That’s all you need to know about adding Facebook admins! For more Facebook insights, GrowFollowing is the absolute best alternative out there.


How to Become Admin of Facebook Page?

You can either ask the page owner to give you admin access, or prove your worth by constantly interacting on the page.

If you are a marketer, perhaps you might demonstrate that you know how to create ads and improve a page’s engagement.

Can You Have Two Admins on a Facebook Page?

Yes, you can have two admins, and even three! There isn’t a set limit for how many admins you can have.

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