How To Fix Action Blocked Instagram Message

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Action blocks affect millions of Instagram users - learn what they are and how to fix them.

Got Instagram action blocked message recently?

The message inside the Instagram app will look similar to this:

“Action Blocked: This action was blocked. Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.”.

After recent updates to the Instagram algorithm, tens of millions of Instagram users have started seeing the temporary action blocks appearing in their Instagram app during certain activities.

Though action block on Instagram can be a real pain, we prepared this article for you to give you more insights into it.

What Is an Instagram Action Blocked Error?

The Instagram Action Blocked is an error you may receive when you follow, like, or comment on Instagram.

Action blocks appear when you exceed hourly or daily action limits or when Instagram’s anti-spam algorithm detects that the actions are automated.

Instagram blocks render you unable to perform actions on your IG account: “follow” other accounts, like or comment under the pictures and send direct messages.

Action blocks, among instagram shadowban, are another way for Instagram to safeguard the platform from abuse.

How Long Temporary Action Block on Instagram Lasts?

Instagram action blocks are temporary - not permanent.

Blocks can last anywhere from a day to over a week.

In most cases, they disappear within 48 hours or after taking certain steps (about which you can read later in this article).

In some situations, you might see a notification from Instagram with a specific expiration date when the action block will be taken down.

However, Instagram might not reveal how long you will be blocked on Instagram to prevent you from exploiting it.

Why am I seeing “Action Blocked” Instagram error?

You are likely to receive this message when:

  • trying to follow a lot of profiles in a short timeframe
  • trying to like a lot of pictures in a short period of time
  • you’ve been commenting the same thing under too many pictures
  • your actions appear to be automated with a bot
  • you have been using 3rd party app to complete certain actions on Instagram

Why am I being blocked on Instagram?

So why Instagram would want to block your activities even if you are genuinely trying to, without relying on apps or bots?

Over the years, Instagram has been cracking down on “follow for follow” abuse and the high amount of likes and comment activity happening on their platform.

Instagram is aware that mentioned actions work very well in growing Instagram accounts.

These methods were used heavily in the early days of Instagram as an effective means of building traction and user retention on the platform.

But as Instagram matured and grew to be one of the biggest social networks on the planet, we can certainly be sure the focus has shifted.

So why is Instagram trying to restrict such activities, sacrificing its own user’s experience?

The answer is… money.

Instagram’s number one goal is to maximize revenue from ads.

If you want to increase your number of followers on Instagram, the company wants you to spend money on their ads rather than growing your followers manually or with the help of a third-party app or service.

In the last few years, Facebook has been investing its resources heavily into building an advertising platform on Instagram.

Advertising remains the main lifeblood of the service and this comes as no surprise, Facebook is trying to protect their revenue.

By the fiscal year 2020, Instagram accounted for $23 billion, or 27 percent, of Facebook’s ad sales, according to a report done by analyst Youssef Squali.

However, many users are not happy with Instagram’s activity blocks and a new emphasis on ads because they are now forced to pay more for advertising to make up for the loss of organic reach, which is dwindling every year.

Do I risk my account getting banned?

NO, you don’t risk a ban if you:

  • do all the activity manually and just ended up doing too many actions
  • use organic Instagram service or social media manager to grow your account manually

YES, there is a moderate to high risk of getting your account banned if:

  • you purchased bulk followers
  • you use bots, software solutions that promise follower growth

How to get Instagram unblocked?

Since the Instagram block is not going to stay on your IG account forever, there are ways to make your Instagram account unblocked.

The most important is: if you participate in any type of automation, immediately stop these activities.

Here are known ways to get your Instagram unblocked:

  • stop running bot/software solutions (if you do)
  • give yourself a break from “follow” and “like” activities for at least 72 hours
  • change your IP address
  • link your Instagram account with Facebook
  • switch devices
  • report action block to Instagram

Let’s go into more details for each method.

1. Stop automation

If you are running any third-party app or bot to automate your Instagram—stop it.

Instagram is aware of the bot activity, which, after many Instagram updates introduced to the app algorithm, is easier to detect nowadays.

Either invest the time to grow your account manually or delegate it to a dedicated growth service that does not rely on software solutions, keeping your account safe and sound.

2. Take a break

Since overdoing activity on your Instagram account is the most common reason why you would receive the “Action Blocked” message, it might be a good idea to take a break from following, liking, and commenting, in order to avoid seeing the unwelcome Instagram error.

We recommend stopping all activities for at least 72 hours although in some cases, the block might last longer, up to 5-7 days.

3. Change your IP address

Try to change your IP address. If you are currently on your WiFi, switch to a mobile network (4G/5G).

If you are using a data plan already, select your home WiFi instead.

Likely, Instagram flagged or banned your home or work IP, so switching the source of Internet connection, might help to unblock actions on Instagram.

If you haven’t done so yet, try to connect your personal or business Instagram account with your or your brand’s Facebook account.

This way, you are showing Instagram more credibility that indeed you are a real person using an account and not a bot.

Often, Instagram accounts that were machine-made or are machine-maintained are not associated with any Facebook accounts, and Instagram might see it as a trust issue.

See how to link your Instagram with Facebook guide to learn how to do it efficiently.

5. Switch devices

If everything above fails and you are still experiencing Instagram action block, as a last resort option you might simply try to change the device you are logging in to your Instagram account.

6. Report it to Instagram

Something I wouldn’t exclude is reaching out to Instagram support and reporting the issue.

Report the problem and send to their support email address a message that you don’t see the reason why your activities are being restricted.

In certain situations, your action block could be simply a glitch, making you one of many unfortunate users who are taking the hit.

How to avoid getting blocked by Instagram

Once you managed to get your Instagram unblocked, the best is to not let the block happen in the first place.

As Instagram’s algorithm constantly changes with each update, both the causes why you are getting blocked and the ways to avoid might change.

However, as of today, there are few confirmed ways to prevent getting “Action Blocked” on Instagram:

1. Don’t use automation

If you have been using third-party apps available on AppStore or Google play as well as bots you found online, make sure to stop using them and instead, use only organic service or social media agency where each action is completed manually, not automatically.

This way, it will look just like you would do it yourself.

2. Don’t complete too many actions

If you are on a follow or like spree, slow down.

Although it might be tempting to do many actions at once, this way you are more likely to get your actions blocked on Instagram.

Action Blocked Instagram: Final Thoughts

We hope this article was helpful and gave you few ideas about the reasons you might be getting blocked on Instagram.

We know how frustrating it can be to run into issues with your social media profile you poured so much time and energy into.

Having an Instagram action block is like having a car and being unable to drive it.

However, with a bit of planning and careful selection of activities as well as third-party apps you are going to use, you can enjoy the steady and safe growth of your Instagram account.

About the author

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